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Seibold Laboratory

Max A. Seibold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Dr. Seibold received his Bachelors in Chemistry from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and his Ph.D. from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF). He completed his postdoctoral training with Dr. David Schwartz at National Jewish Health in Pulmonary Fibrosis Genetics. Dr. Seibold started his laboratory in 2011 and is now an Associate Professor in the Center for Genes, Environment, and Health & the Department of Pediatrics at NJH. He is Co-Director of the Mucosal Inflammation Program and Director of the Regenerative Medicine and Genome Editing Program at NJH. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado-AMC in the Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care in the Department of Medicine. He has a graduate training appointment with the Human Medical Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program at the University of Colorado-AMC .     

Cydney Rios

Lab Manager

Cydney oversees the day-to-day experimental operations of the Seibold Laboratory. She ensures coordination of lab collaborations and the successful completion of projects. She is an expert in Next-Generation Sequencing library construction, RNA-seq, and primary airway epithelial culture.  

Jamie Everman, Ph.D.

Senior Reseacher

Jamie's projects utilize genetic, proteomic, and molecular biology approaches to investigate the airway epithelium of healthy and asthmatic individuals.  Specifically, she is focused on identifying novel biomarkers of asthma, understanding the biology of rhinovirus infection in the airway, and characterizing the biology of the airway epithelium in deployment-related lung diseases.

Nathan Jackson, Ph.D.

Nathan is currently combining bulk and single cell RNA-seq data from human airway epithelial cells to characterize the genes, molecular pathways, and shifts in cellular composition and behavior that underlie the symptoms of asthma. Of particular interest to him is how the response to disease differs based on cell type.

Kate Goldfarbmuren, Ph.D.


Kate craves to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the generation, response and recovery of the human airway epithelium by harnessing CRISPR-mediated genome editing, single cell analysis, and cutting edge in vitro differentiation techniques. Her current project is focused on high frequency monitoring of human mucociliary airway epithelial cultures challenged with the cytokine IL-13 to mimic the type 2-high asthmatic state.

Satria Sajuthi, Ph.D.


Satria is conducting genomic studies on airway cells in response to external stimuli. He is also applying machine learning methods to deconvulate endotypes of asthma from airway epithelial RNA-seq data. Moreover, he is performing eQTL studies of airway epithelial data from asthma cohorts to identify the genetic determinants of airway dysfunction in asthma.

Meghan Cromie, Ph.D.


Meghan's research focuses on the gene-environment interactions that contribute to population differences in lung function and asthma severity upon exposure to ambient air pollution. 

Carolyn Morris, Ph.D.

Senior Lab Researcher

Carolyn is developing methods for genome editing in primary airway epithelial cells and for reprogramming primary airway epithelial cells into pluripotent stem cells.

Benjamin Saef, MS

Bioinformatic Analyst

Benjamin is conducting eQTL and allelic imbalance studies of airway epithelial gene expression trying to identify functional asthma genetic risk variants in childhood asthma cohorts.

Mary Evangelista, Ph.D.


Rhinovirus infections, also known as the common cold, are significant instigators of severe asthma exacerbations. Mary's project is focused on understanding how and why these viruses cause exacerbations by studying the airway epithelium in a group of children with severe asthma.

Ari Stoner

Laboratory Researcher

Ari is working to elucidate the role of protease activity in type 2 airway inflammation as well as develop new technologies for the study of airway diseases.

Nathan Dyjack

Bioinformatic Analyst

Nathan is investigating mechanisms and potential endotypes of Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema Herpeticum at the genome level.

Michael Montgomery

Laboratory Researcher

Michael is performing a functional analysis of IL-13 response expression quantitative trait loci (reQTLs). He also performs RNA-seq library preparation and sequencing for multiple laboratory projects, as well as designing and piloting methods on a robotic automation platform.

Elizabeth Plender


Elizabeth is focused on constructing a comprehensive database of protein markers for the cells of the human airway epithelium, with the aim of supporting flow cytometry in the lab. She is currently a senior biology major at Regis University in North Denver.

Katie Li

Bioinformatics Trainee

Katie is interested in understanding how environmental factors drive epigenetic changes in the airway of asthmatics. Specifically, she is applying bioinformatic tools to epigenetic and gene expression data to better understand mechanisms of asthma risk.

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